La Cache à Vin

After 35 years of running restaurants in Brisbane, La Cache à Vin is Thierry Galichet’s pièce de résistance.

Tucked away in the streets of Spring Hill, La Cache à Vin transports diners and wine-lovers to the subterranean cellars of Thierry’s beloved Burgundy.

From the moment he entered the disused historical wine cellar on Wharf Street with its familiar smell of earth and fermenting wine, Thierry’s culinary imagination was captured.

In La Cache à Vin, he has created an outstanding French restaurant showcasing Thierry’s renowned Lyonnaise-influence dishes. But La Càche a Vin is more than this.

It is also a cosy bar, with nooks and crannies where you decide whether dinner will be a la carte or a quick bite at the bar. You can order a cheeky champagne or savour a decadent cocktail.

And when it comes to lunch…well. Every day is Friday at La Cache à Vin!